After years of working in investment banking and portfolio management, Hagai Nir had a vision to create the best platform to build capital with low risk over time. He spent years researching, investing and measuring performance before he founded Reinvest in 2010 based on value investment methodology. He initially started the firm with his own personal capital and with his value-based stock picking methodology and he successfully created superior returns. Reinvest implements a finely-tuned successful strategy to the Israeli market to create pure and consistent returns in the capital market for its invested clients. With a market-beating track record underway and angel investors joining, Hagai grew the team and the business to an impressive limited partnership of dozens of private and institutional clients. 
Why Reinvest
With more then 15 years investment experience, Reinvest specializes in value investments and operational excellence. Reinvest has specialized throughout extreme economic cycles and from all aspects of the investment. Creating capital is more than the challenge of recognizing and seizing investment opportunities, it also involves the finesse of the weight in each position, the opportunity cost, and of course always working with the client's best interest.
The Reinvest Touch: Some things cannot be put into words
- Proven value investment methodology
- Track record of beating the market
- Conservative investing approach
- Flexibility to take advantage of opportunities
- Independent and proprietary research and financial models
- Unique intuition
Values: Passion + Vision + Integrity 
Internal values drive Reinvest on both levels of performance and operational excellence.  The team is motivated by its passion for investments and ability to create excess returns while loving the work as a part of life. The company itself remains an anchor investor in the fund, continually reinvesting the capital to enjoy maximum returns. This expression of true reinvestment proves an alignment of interest and partnership structure between the fund manager and invested LPs.

Firm Overview

Founded in 2010 by Hagai Nir, Reinvest provides a finely tuned platform for private and institutional investors to beat the market and increase capital over time. The fund managers seek and attain high returns through diligent and calculated exposure to the stock market using value investment methodology. The investment team takes an active approach to due diligence visiting companies, R&D centers and participates in constant communication with all involved parties in order to improve the already available public information and ensure conservative, lucrative, discrete market positions.